So Tom finally got an ebay account, and has posted a bunch of original art for sale. He has lowballed the starting bids compared to what he would sell these pieces for at conventions, so if you like his stuff, this is a chance to pick some of it up relatively cheaply. There are a bunch of different pages from No Dead Time, as well as the art from the poster for this year's SPACE show. I think the SPACE poster and the two-page spread are probably the two best pieces that are up.

I am trying to talk him into better shipping terms. I know why he isn't offering Priority Mail - he can send FedEx stuff from work at a discounted rate, which he will pass on to the buyer - but if you have a problem with the FedEx thing and want to buy something from him, drop him a line and see if he'll work with you. (I've HEAVILY suggested that he should, but as I've said before, he doesn't listen to me most of the time. You can try telling him that his girlfriend suggested you write to him.) Also, if you have No Dead Time and there was any particular page you liked, drop him a line and ask him about it; it's probably also for sale, just not on ebay.
Not sure how much I can say about this here publicly. But let's go.

I've mentioned lately that Tom and I are both having runs of almost comically bad luck. Bad timing, disappointment, misfortune, you name it. But none of it has been earthshattering, nobody has died or anything: it doesn't negatively impact the status quo or quality of life for either of us, it's only been disappointments related to our ambitions. I got sick and couldn't work, he didn't get a job he was up for, we have to postpone moving, etc. So... we're just shaking our heads and waiting for it to pass.

The latest thing came today. Tom was set to do a graphic novel for Oni, which was to be written by Andy Greenwald, who wrote a book on the emo scene called Nothing Feels Good and who has a novel coming out called Miss Misery. The proposal and the first 15 pages of script for The Satellite Heart have been kicking around the house for a while, and T. was waiting for more script so that he could get to work. Alas, Andy kind of overcommitted himself or something and is not going to be able to get the script done any time in the near future, so the project is shelved, probably permanently.

On the upside, Oni has another project they want to offer Tom; we'll see what happens with that.

I spent most of today with a terrible headache. We will blame PMS. Tylenol and tea helped. My mom bought me a copy of The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, which came out last week. It's a first novel and Kostova got a huge advance, so it's already kind of infamous, but I read an excerpt I liked and a couple of great reviews. In tone the excerpt reminds me more of The Secret History and The Alienist than The DaVinci Code (crap! total crap!) - so I'm cautiously excited. They say this is "the book that will make Dracula scary again." Oh, and it's 40% off at Borders.
Tonight, Tom took me to see Neko Case. It was bad and good. The good side is easy: although I'm not into alt-country, I do like her voice a lot. I've never really listened to any of her records (just heard songs here and there), and I think a lot of her songs sound very similar to one another in concert, but her technique is good, and so is her backing band.

Bad, though: Oh, the venue. Are the people who run Little Brothers too cheap to turn up the a/c or is it just broken or ineffective? I thought I was going to die. I came in jeans and a cotton blouse, and before the show was even in full swing I had been outside to the smoking area twice - I DON'T SMOKE - and had unbuttoned my shirt except for the one button over my bra, and tied it up under my boobs. This is something I never do, and frankly I was a little embarrassed to have a bare midriff. By the time the show ended, I was drenched with sweat, even the exposed skin. Since it was a well-attended show, they also took the chairs away, condemning me to a horrible lower-back ache. Seriously, the music was good but every other aspect totally blew. In their defense, Little Brothers did put out a lot of free ice water.

I've learned my lesson, though, about how to dress for summer shows around here. Many venues that I've been to, in several cities, run the a/c pretty high in expectation of a crowd and stuffiness. Not in Cow-Bus, yo. I'm also going to have to seriously consider whether or not I want to go to shows that are general admission, SRO... like, ever again. There are bands for which I would still consider doing it, but they are infrequent performers in this area. Finally, no drinking hard cider when I'm too hot. Seriously, I almost barfed, people.

The other night, I had an idea for a YA fantasy novel that I'm really excited about. & Tom wants me to haul out this novella I wrote years ago to see if we can pull it into shape as a script for a graphic novel, then shop it around. I don't know precisely where said novella IS - it's still packed in one of a handful of boxes - but it'll be fun to mess with, at least.
Tom and his friend Dara Naraghi have a strip on Movie Poop Shoot starting this week - see it HERE. It's about two tech workers, one in his 20s and the other middle-aged, and a tattoo-related decision. Dara wrote it; Tom did the art, of course.

Also, happy birthday to [ profile] lorigami (today) and [ profile] womanonfire (tomorrow)!



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