How many do you have under your belt? I haven't looked at the whole list yet, but I know I can't change a tire.


Jan. 7th, 2010 02:08 am
The Best of Wondermark... I LOL'd.
10 Annoying Habits of a Geeky Spouse (via Jezebel).

I think you can expand this to roommate, relative, etc. I know that I have been considered movie poison among relatives for most of my life because of the "picks apart details afterward" clause.
For T. --

The Dark Psych.

The Dark Jesus.

(Uh, that second one is both mildly potentially offensive, depending who you are, and also a spoiler for several key scenes in Batman: The Dark Knight or whatever it's actually called.)

Courtesy of Is It Funny Today?
 Stuff White People Like

(via Guy Kawasaki, and me being sardonically amused.)

Some of you who are around my age or a bit older may remember this: I'm almost 100% certain I saw it play in theaters during my early childhood (because I remember missing it when they no longer showed it). A comment on a different YouTube upload of the same material said that Pepsi started releasing it in the late 60s, and re-sent it to all its vendor theaters throughout the 70s, with the last update being in 1978. I remember seeing it before I was 5 or 6, and never again after that.

It is not quite as awesome and strange as LOOK! CHOCOLATE, but it's still pretty cool. Way better than the "Seeing Stars" roller-skating trailer that Coke was airing in theaters for the last few years.

Seriously, the internet can end now, because I think I have just found the single greatest thing I have ever found on it ever, and that includes myriad LOLcat pics and that thing about koalas being weak. This is supposedly a chocolate ad that aired on Japanese TV in 1970; [ profile] urbaniak posted it about two weeks ago, and that's where I got it. It is completely insane and awesome. Watch. NOW!

Made of Win

Dec. 8th, 2007 08:11 am
I need this as an animated icon.

Oh, you'll see.

You have [ profile] beatnikside to thank. (Or to blame for the double post, in a few cases.) I love the style of this video, along with all the little quirks its characters show.

I think I have now used some form of the word "quirk" twice in the last ten minutes... it's time to pack it in!
The pop-up scrolling thumbnail menu has lots of other excerpts, which should give you a pretty good idea of why this movie is widely regarded as both creepy and awesome. Also, watch this for extra credit.
A bit NSFW - there's some artistic nudity and suggestive scenes. About 10 minutes long, made a little over 10 years ago. Mesmerising, though! It's the story, told backwards (like Betrayal or Memento), of a murdered tycoon and his much younger wife in the late 1920s. Each scene is set in a different location, and the animation style for a given scene is dictated by the style of the illustration on a luggage label.

Fixin' to head out to the bookstore, or not. I haven't yet decided whether to honor the reservation I made tonight, honor it tomorrow, or to skip off tonight to somewhere like WalMart that will hopefully be an experience much less sardiney. That bookstore I go to is small, and I have important plans for tomorrow. (My future mother-in-law's birthday: Serious Business!)

I read this thing last night; now I ded from funny: Wherein Here Is A Very Long Reading Experience. Full of spoilers: consider it your Deathly Hallows reading guide. Keep up with the estimations of poor Ron's character, and don't miss my favorite line: My god, I think if I ever met a wizard I would punch them in the face just for being so goddamned spoiled. "Magic makes it perfect every time!" Fuck you, spell-boy. *

Hark, annoyed ones! This is probably the second-to-last of my Harry Potter posts for the time being. I'll do at least one more after I've read the book myself.

* My apologies to any relatives who happen to read my public posts.
&$#@*!, my roses have Japanese Beetles on them right now. Pretty, as beetles go, but they'll make roses look lacy at best and digested at worst. Little jerks. I just clipped off a couple of blossoms that were A)beyond repair and B)full of beetles, and chucked them over the fence. It's important to get the beetles away from the plant, since they leave a scent behind that attracts others of their kind. One repellent is, seriously, to smash them and leave their bodies lying around. (I didn't do that.)

David Mitchell talks to Japan Today about his upcoming novel, which will be about Nagasaki in the early nineteenth century. I heart David Mitchell; go read all his novels. He says some really smart and interesting things about writing and imagination here. (via Bookslut)

rPhone - the finest in steampunk technology. rPhone is the first portable telephone constructed of materials you've come to associate with progressive technology... from its exquisite rosewood paneling to the handsome brass frame, it shouts "This is the 18th century!" (via MeFi)

PuzzleFilter - MeFi post about Puzzability, a puzzle-writing company started by three former editors of Games. (via... duh.)
Happiest Bug Ever! - via MoFi.
I have a bad cold. This just amused me a lot. via Bookslut.

THESE shoes rule! THESE shoes suck!
(NSFW, due to language.)

I really like Kelly's red-and-white striped tights.
I don't own this many shoes anymore, but when I moved up here a few years ago I had something like 60 pairs. I didn't wear most of them, so I gave them to Goodwill.



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