It's an excellent live performance of a song I've loved for 20+ years, so hey! (Reminds me of the poor doomed fictional girl over there in this post's icon, too.)

Also, there's about half an inch of ice on each of the fenceposts in my back yard. I've never seen anything like it. I should attempt to get a picture before it all melts down.

This is full of random cute animal photos, for some reason, but the last one is terrifying! Anyway, one of my favorite songs covered by one of my favorite bands!

It's nice to kick off December this way, even if it's a day early.
I can't help it. I saw this video at least a year ago on one of the cable on-demand services, and for some reason, the song has been stuck in my head the last few days. No, I haven't heard the song since then. I might post a different song tomorrow.

I have been avoiding posting/reading/etc. for several reasons, the primary one being "because I hate election coverage and the attending arguments." This doesn't mean I didn't vote. I'm pleased that Obama won.

In news that is exciting in the bad way, someone crashed into my boyfriend's car last week, putting him in a nasty position in both vehicular and financial terms. He had insurance, but the car is totaled and he still owes thousands on it, and may actually have to take a step down in terms of what he can afford.

I am massively obsessed with this song this week.

context )
I used to upload songs and name them Song of the Week; it would be a mystery what you were getting until you downloaded it and listened to it. I stopped doing this years ago out of a healthy fear of the RIAA.

Anyway, YouTube gives me a way to start this up again. The only problem is that there are a lot of songs, especially older songs, for which I don't really like to watch the videos; they don't jibe with the images in my head.

I heard this song for the first time in a long time the other day, while I was at the drugstore. It makes me want to dance, swaying and leisurely. Enjoy!

Um, WOW. Last night, [profile] suburbangothshowed this to me in an attempt to one-up my lulz-y chain of videos (in which j-rock star Gackt's "cool" dignity was gradually eroded, albeit admittedly with his full consent).  I am not sure it quite tops "EMERGENCY STAIRCASE," but do tell me what you think.

It's a fan video, but really... it looks like it could totally be the real thing. The fact that it's not intentionally funny makes it all the better.

This is not even nerdcore rap. Or Irish.

This video was made in 1985; to see one by the same band a little more similar to the one in my last post, check here or here. (I used this one because it's a better, more recognizable song than the other two.) Oh, and be extra-sure to check out that uber-mullet!

It's amazing how nearly-accurate a pastiche this is. Probably the most accurate part is the "hallway scene" with the heart attack. With regard to other elements, I think that the video seems a little later than 1984... a few more posts coming up for contrast.

It's also amazing -- almost annoying -- how catchy a synthpop track this is! I bet you could play it at an 80s night at a club, between Duran Duran and Erasure, and nobody who didn't know it would immediately recognize it as a fake.

"Season's Call" by HYDE (say it "hy-doh"), who is also the lead vocalist for L'Arc~en~ciel.

I think this is a pretty boring video, at least until around 3:30, but I love the song. It's about two years old. Link to Romaji lyrics (transcribed Japanese); link to English translated lyrics. Yeah, some of the lines are already in English to begin with. Here's a version of the video with (dodgy) subtitles, but the sound isn't as good.

(I wonder why the phrase "shining memory" seems to pop up in so many J-rock/pop songs? It seems like it might be a cliche phrase in Japanese. On another note, I don't think I've ever heard a song by HYDE as a soloist or L'arc~en~ciel as a band that I didn't like.)

If you like it, let me know....
verbminx: (intense fragility)
We went to see Control tonight & I should really write a longer entry about it, but not right now. (I mean, look at the time: I still need to take a shower and finish with my laundry.) The short review of Control: you already know how it ends, a surprising level of mordant wit is displayed in getting there, and the performances are spot-on, although Samantha Morton looked about a decade too old for her role. Since the film is very, very good, I'll just give you the following, and maybe one more when I do get around to writing more about it & about the general weirdness of the evening....

Luna Sea's "Rosier." I love, love, love this song. 
(I even had it on my myspace profile for a while, but it was pulled.)

I am the trigger.
I choose my final way.
Whether I bloom or fall is up to me.

Be kind - they are a "visual rock" band and the video was made in 1994!
It borders on camp in a few respects. But listen to the song. 
Romaji lyrics - a "Rosier" translation - another "Rosier" translation with in-line romaji lyrics.

klaus nomi

Nov. 26th, 2006 11:03 am
I've heard of Klaus Nomi, and knew some stuff about him (from seeing the website I'm linking here when the film first came out_, but never heard his music; this is odd, as I love both new wave synth music and countertenors. None of my close friends have ever been into him.

Anyway, I just saw part of The Nomi Song - wow!

But the library doesn't have any of his cds. Boo. Poor Klaus.
Sinead O'Connor is on Leno right now. She's a little off-key. She looks good, though. Still no hair. Reggae?

Sick House developments: nausea on my part, which the mom has been experiencing since this morning. I don't feel nauseated enough to throw up, but I almost have a few times anyway, which was surprising and alarming when it happened. (I think this will distress at least one of the well-wishers replying to my last post.) My stomach just hurts very vaguely. I slept a lot today. I also started Jonathan Carroll's new book, Glass Soup.

Tom is over in Tomland - his apartment - and seems to be doing OK.

And I worked on the pattern from Knitty that I started almost 18 months ago, Sueet - it's a little bag made in Berroco Suede. And you know what? It sucks. It hasn't been the least amount of "fun" to knit, and the construction isn't really intuitive (it's one of those projects where circular needles or double-pointeds would have been best and would have saved some finishing, but it's written to be made on straight needles because circs and DPNs scare some people). That's why it took me 18 months to do a tiny project... obviously, I hadn't worked on it a lot in the last year. I still have to line it, which I may put off for a while. But I want to finish all my unfinished projects before I start anything new, with the exception of some hats for the putative in-laws, which I'd like to make before Thanksgiving. That's mainly my sweater in Colinette Tagliatelli and this bag, as I finished my Koigu socks in the spring (and can wear them soon! yay!). And then that's it for me and multiple projects - I will work on one thing at a time until it's finished.

head fun

Sep. 10th, 2005 07:41 pm
So, tonight Boyfriend is at a sold-out White Stripes show, and I am not! (and no, I don't particularly care whether you like them or not: I would have gone if I'd had the chance, even though I think most of their songs sound very much alike.) How did this come about? Deep misfortune for friend's wife who was supposed to go to the show. I feel sorrier for Lisa not being able to go (broken foot) than I do for me not having a ticket, too; totally don't blame her husband for keeping his own ticket when he passed hers on to Tom. :)

Anyway, we're going to see either Rasputina (my preference) or the Dresden Dolls in a few weeks. Which means: the revenge of banana curls! Or something like that.

Tonight my mom cut my hair. Two inches or so, and it needed to go. Actually more needed to go, but neither of us could bear to do it. I am jealous of [ profile] nadja's new "hime" ("princess") cut, which is sort of like a bob in front but long in the back; thought about doing it, but my hair is too fine & flyaway to support it.

Serious lack of glamour in my life, and especially on my head, has had me grey lately. Read more... ) More fun on my head please.

Tonight I... Read more... )

& I'm most of the way through [ profile] blackholly's book Valiant, which is really pretty good.
Not a huge amount of things going on, except the usual: hanging out with my mom and boyfriend and pets, running errands, etc. We have new neighbors in the building who seem like they might be cool; one of the guys looks like he's in his 20s and has full tattoo sleeves. I got the new ShojoBeat last night, finally. a digression thereon: Nana, Godchild, and getting Mary Weather's look. )

I was eating a snack of Goldfish crackers earlier, and since Max is a cracker-loving cat, I had to give him some. He's extremely pushy about this sort of snack food, so I toss them across the room one-by-one so that I have a few moments of peace with my bowl of crackers. This appeals to me in an odd way: such a pretty, almost cartoonish black cat, sleek with big yellow eyes, and I send him chasing around the room after tiny "fish", which he then eats. It's so much less fun when it's regular crackers or bits of corn chips or etc.

Tonight: I think Tom and I might be heading out to the movies. There are a few that we both want to see: The Aristocrats, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Broken Flowers, Red Eye. Perhaps at some point this weekend I will: try to make nice with the new neighbors, and head over to the Tiki and Custom Car Culture Fest that's being held all day tomorrow. Alone... can I handle it? And if I do, I'll probably have to forgo the Mai-Tais.

(music also: elvis costello: "radio radio", fishbone: "ma and pa", the jam: "down in the tube station at midnight", eurythmics: "sweet dreams" - I'm listening to the Music Choice Retro-Active channel that comes with digital cable, which is excellent; their Alternative channel is pretty good too. I've discovered plenty of bands on the latter, and both play album cuts, rather than just hits. OSU does not have a college rock station - instead, it has a NPR/classical station that it broadcasts on both of the frequencies it owns. There is a student indie-rock station, but it's internet-only.)
Tonight, Tom took me to see Neko Case. It was bad and good. The good side is easy: although I'm not into alt-country, I do like her voice a lot. I've never really listened to any of her records (just heard songs here and there), and I think a lot of her songs sound very similar to one another in concert, but her technique is good, and so is her backing band.

Bad, though: Oh, the venue. Are the people who run Little Brothers too cheap to turn up the a/c or is it just broken or ineffective? I thought I was going to die. I came in jeans and a cotton blouse, and before the show was even in full swing I had been outside to the smoking area twice - I DON'T SMOKE - and had unbuttoned my shirt except for the one button over my bra, and tied it up under my boobs. This is something I never do, and frankly I was a little embarrassed to have a bare midriff. By the time the show ended, I was drenched with sweat, even the exposed skin. Since it was a well-attended show, they also took the chairs away, condemning me to a horrible lower-back ache. Seriously, the music was good but every other aspect totally blew. In their defense, Little Brothers did put out a lot of free ice water.

I've learned my lesson, though, about how to dress for summer shows around here. Many venues that I've been to, in several cities, run the a/c pretty high in expectation of a crowd and stuffiness. Not in Cow-Bus, yo. I'm also going to have to seriously consider whether or not I want to go to shows that are general admission, SRO... like, ever again. There are bands for which I would still consider doing it, but they are infrequent performers in this area. Finally, no drinking hard cider when I'm too hot. Seriously, I almost barfed, people.

The other night, I had an idea for a YA fantasy novel that I'm really excited about. & Tom wants me to haul out this novella I wrote years ago to see if we can pull it into shape as a script for a graphic novel, then shop it around. I don't know precisely where said novella IS - it's still packed in one of a handful of boxes - but it'll be fun to mess with, at least.



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