The New York Times Top 10 Books of 2005.

Murakami's Kafka on the Shore is listed first, though I'm not sure it's meant to be "#1".

I spent last night piling up boxes in my basement. I have a sore back. But I packed 4 boxes of books, and determined that the bookshelves in the room should take up another 10 at most. After what's in the living room and what's in my bedroom, I think I have gone from over 30 boxes to around 25. This is about 1.5 bx per shelf, with the exception of art books, which are more like 2 bx per shelf because they are oversized.

I have also managed to flatten nearly every book that was bowed because my terrible movers packed it on two different levels. (That is, you place a book so that half of it is part of one stack of books, and the other half is atop a stack that is slightly shorter. You then pile other books on top of it. When you unpack the victim, if it's been more than a couple of days, it will be both bloodied and bowed. This is "funny" when it's paperback Anne Rice, and not so funny when it's a large hardcover book about notable photography of the 20th century.)

I'm cold because we've adopted the new household temperature for the winter. Much colder than the summer household temperature. Requires socks at all times, even if slippers are also worn. I drink hot cocoa, hot cider, and hot tea, all the time.
I have opened up a bunch of boxes of old books. (Have I mentioned before that I have over 30 12"x12"x18" boxes of books? Well, I do.) I am repacking ones that I didn't pack so that the books will be less prone to damage, as well as deciding which books I don't want.

I have a lot of books which I read and loved 8-10 or more years ago, but will realistically probably never read again. I also have old collections - like, I used to buy and keep every Sherlock Holmes pastiche that I could get my hands on. I have a Phantom of the Opera collection that is a sight to see (and is, for the most part, not involved in this decision - I'm keeping them). I have things like Victoria Holt books that I loved to death when I was about 13; I've kept my favorites. I already gave most of my Anne Perry books to [ profile] kevininatutu.

But the point is, I have a wide swath of mostly middlebrow genre fiction - mystery/historical/romantic, usually a combination of the three - and I'm trying to decide whether to keep it. Wotcher think?

ETA - note, the "some" option does not refer to keeping 10% of the total number of books I own, it refers to keeping 10% of the ones I'm considering not owning anymore. also note that I cannot afford to mail them anywhere as a donation to any worthy cause, and that they really aren't appropriate for that kind of thing anyway... they're mostly decrepit paperbacks and 20-year-old library discards and so on. They are mostly just appropriate to show up on the shelves at Goodwill or Salvation Army or Volunteers of America to be bought for $0.25 each.

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