Last night I tackled the Purse Box... I had packed my purses nicely in a plastic storage bin when we moved, but the movers chose to dump them out willy-nilly into a box where they'd already put paper garbage from my old car. (*sigh* - yes, it had been in a garbage bag. Worst. Movers. Ever!)

Almost all of the purses had old receipts in them; most had completely lost their ink. The purses that could and should be washed were washed after a few hours of soaking. A few others are on the pile to go to Goodwill... not that they aren't nice, just outdated. Most of what I cared about was already in my closet, but I did find a Pucca messenger bag that I'd forgotten I owned. I also found a lip gloss that I bought years ago and never really used (it's still good!) and a bunch of things from my trip to NYC (which was 4+ years ago). I mean what is a girl to do without the biz cards of Ricky's and Fluevog? and used Metrocards?

I also found exciting things like very old candy and lotion, which hit the garbage immediately.

Oh, and two inexplicable J Crew giftcards, for $10.01 each, apparently still valid. ?!?
(I did call the hotline to get the balance, but I have no idea how I came by them... maybe they were promotional in some way.)

At some point here... today, tomorrow... I'm meant to bathe the dog. Not my favorite chore... exhausting, messy... but I suppose I should get it out of the way while the weather is still decent. It was 70 degrees F yesterday! It looked all grey outside, but it was actually beautiful. It is colder today but not particularly so.

Sometime this week I am going to a free preview of Aeon Flux... which is good, cos I don't think I would pay to see it. I am a huge fan of the animated series. Little about the movie looks right.

Oh, also last night: library with a sleepy Tom. I got the new Jonathan Adler book. I kind of hate it. It's a more whimsical take on everything that I hated about Marian McEvoy's Glue Gun Decor. I am not a big fan of 70s-inspired decor.
In the ongoing saga of Me Getting Rid Of Some Books:

I took a full box of books to Half Price Books to sell tonight; was given $20 for them. (Which is not a lot when you consider the investment, but OK when you consider that I wanted to get rid of them and they were just sitting around.) The rest of the books I'm getting rid of for now are donateable, another box; the store wouldn't have wanted them. After the donations are donated and the collectibles sold on ebay, I will have gotten rid of something like 80+ books.

To reward myself I got a book I've been wanting, Stephenson's The System of the World - it's the third Baroque Cycle book, and I have the first two in hardcover, so I was happy to get the last one in HC as well. Did not get A Storm of Swords, which was the other book I wanted to pick up.

Goodness, that makes it sound like I read nothing but multivolume fantasy, when in truth, I hate multivolume fantasy and there are very few series that I'd actually read willingly. I've gotten caught up in the George R.R. Martin books. I read A Game of Thrones soon after it came out in paperback, but I read it in a very, er, special way... reading Daenerys's story straight through the book and ignoring everything else. This time around I'm actually reading the whole book, and I might even be caught up by the time A Feast For Crows comes out next month.

Poor Tom = home sick all day today with the stomach flu, eating crackers and moaning. I took him some supplies earlier tonight. We are supposed to go to a low-key Halloween party tomorrow night, which is about all I get to do for Halloween this year, as he is going to a stupid convention next weekend. (I am nearly as aggravated about this convention being on Halloween weekend as I would be if it were on my birthday or something like that.) It is possible that he won't be up for the party, which would be a bummer... regardless of whether we make it or not, I hope he feels better soon.
I have opened up a bunch of boxes of old books. (Have I mentioned before that I have over 30 12"x12"x18" boxes of books? Well, I do.) I am repacking ones that I didn't pack so that the books will be less prone to damage, as well as deciding which books I don't want.

I have a lot of books which I read and loved 8-10 or more years ago, but will realistically probably never read again. I also have old collections - like, I used to buy and keep every Sherlock Holmes pastiche that I could get my hands on. I have a Phantom of the Opera collection that is a sight to see (and is, for the most part, not involved in this decision - I'm keeping them). I have things like Victoria Holt books that I loved to death when I was about 13; I've kept my favorites. I already gave most of my Anne Perry books to [ profile] kevininatutu.

But the point is, I have a wide swath of mostly middlebrow genre fiction - mystery/historical/romantic, usually a combination of the three - and I'm trying to decide whether to keep it. Wotcher think?

ETA - note, the "some" option does not refer to keeping 10% of the total number of books I own, it refers to keeping 10% of the ones I'm considering not owning anymore. also note that I cannot afford to mail them anywhere as a donation to any worthy cause, and that they really aren't appropriate for that kind of thing anyway... they're mostly decrepit paperbacks and 20-year-old library discards and so on. They are mostly just appropriate to show up on the shelves at Goodwill or Salvation Army or Volunteers of America to be bought for $0.25 each.

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Well, I assembled furniture, more or less. I did four drawers on Saturday night and will finish their cabinet, and put it in place, tonight. But it is really the worst crap I've ever seen in the flat-pack furniture market; it's made from balsa wood! When I ordered it 5 years ago, it was on the strength of similar items that had been ordered 5 years earlier than that, which were made of heavy MDF with a formica surface. Argh. At least one screw-hole stripped itself on every single drawer, most of the drawer sides warped a little, and at some point I may have to take everything apart and GLUE it back together. They have no appreciable weight. I'll use them as dressers for a bit, and then they will return to their presumably intended life as closet modules.

I also watched Tagebuch Einer Verlorenen the other day - Diary of a Lost Girl, one of the movies that Louise Brooks did with G.W. Pabst. I'd never seen it, and I liked it a lot. There's a certain quality that movies from the late 20s and early 30s have, and that is that in most of them, the people look like real people, avoiding a quality of unreality visible in both earlier and later films (for example, the people in almost any Technicolor movie from the 40s or 50s look bizarrely made from plastic and paint).

more on DIARY... )

Last night, Tom was over; we watched most of NausicaƤ. So far my advice is to watch Princess Mononoke instead, since the stories are kind of similar with different settings. (It's Miyazaki's ecological obsession, but I like it better in the late-Feudal-Japan setting.) I didn't realize that NausicaƤ would have so many gigantic bugs in it.

I have mentioned before that I sleep on a platform futon with no headboard, and that at some point in the last year, the platform had pushed away from the wall - it sits on two long folding rails, which functioned like sleigh glides or something. and we remedied this... )

Quite a lengthy [ profile] minxbot entry this morning, too.
It's Cognitive Dissonance Day!
Seriously... do I go to the Harry Potter party, and surround myself with a teeming mass of Columbus's smaller residents so that I can pick up my book at midnight, or do I go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Or do I try to somehow fit in both? I've been waiting for both of these patiently since I heard they were coming out, but I only realized a few weeks ago that they were coming out on the same day. Guh!

(Yeah, I'll be 30 next year. Why do you ask?)

Nothing much going on here the last few days. I cook, I clean. I've packed up a bunch of books - this is difficult when you're trying to keep them separated out by subject. All my writing reference has to stay in one place too, and it is categorically broad, though largely historical or linguistic. (With the occasional book on alchemy or robotics, and a few feminist books on "loose women.") It's about 3 small boxes (12x12x18"-ish) when it's packed, if I'm very selective about what I call reference. I also packed up much of the fiction I bought in the last 2 years, including Their Eyes Were Watching God, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Drinking Coffee Elsewhere, Everything is Illuminated, The Devil in the White City (not fiction), and a partridge in a pear tree. All the books on becoming more organized (I'm not, though I have succeeded at organizing the books about organization) are going in a box with all the books on home decorating... that way they will all be in one place in the new place, when I want them.

Excitement. But what else am I going to say? Tom and I tried to go read and work at a particular coffeehouse the other day, but the parking lot was full, so we ended up reading and working at a chain coffeehouse up the road from our intended target. *sigh* I keep forgetting to return things to the library that need to go there - by which I mean, I take a bunch of things back on or before the day they're due, but I forget one or two things that were due that day - as a result, I will be spending some time ironing that out this afternoon. It's really not that interesting. (I still believe that *I* am interesting, to be around, more or less, but my goodness do my activities NOT live up to it.)



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