Fixin' to head out to the bookstore, or not. I haven't yet decided whether to honor the reservation I made tonight, honor it tomorrow, or to skip off tonight to somewhere like WalMart that will hopefully be an experience much less sardiney. That bookstore I go to is small, and I have important plans for tomorrow. (My future mother-in-law's birthday: Serious Business!)

I read this thing last night; now I ded from funny: Wherein Here Is A Very Long Reading Experience. Full of spoilers: consider it your Deathly Hallows reading guide. Keep up with the estimations of poor Ron's character, and don't miss my favorite line: My god, I think if I ever met a wizard I would punch them in the face just for being so goddamned spoiled. "Magic makes it perfect every time!" Fuck you, spell-boy. *

Hark, annoyed ones! This is probably the second-to-last of my Harry Potter posts for the time being. I'll do at least one more after I've read the book myself.

* My apologies to any relatives who happen to read my public posts.
- Well, it seems like New Orleans is still there. Ish. Whew. There is a lot of damage, but it isn't flattened like the NWS said it could be. It will be awful there for a while, though, if what I remember of living in Florida after Hurricane Andrew is any indication (and I didn't even live in an area that was hit - but we were in the path for a while, almost evacuated, and you do sometimes remember bullets you've dodged).

- We are actually going to be hit with the remnants of the hurricane tomorrow, and Columbus might flood! It'll be a weak tropical storm by then or slightly weaker than that, but we tend to have high water levels because of all the rivers around here. I took down the porch umbrella so it wouldn't blow away again, so the (glass) table wouldn't get knocked over, etc.

- I was at the library tonight, parked by a lamppost, and it got dark while I was inside. I came out to find my car COVERED with flies, dozens, maybe hundreds, and also on the ground and in the air. I couldn't get in the car without letting some in, and then there were a few that I couldn't completely get off of me or the car. I'm ashamed to admit I was a little bit panicked, mildly terrified. Most of the flies looked like houseflies, but were smaller, maybe half the size.

litbloggers and their anti-Potter disclaimers; more on BPAL-gate! )
OK, I've replied to any comments left for me on this topic and I don't think I'll be talking about it much here anytime in the near future. I also finished the book and told ppl who would have any interest what I thought (in brief: I liked it, and the chapter "The Cave" may be the best in the entire series, but I was disappointed with the thinning-out of the world, how there were no real deep subplots to speak of aside from all the stupid romances. There's also some REALLY LAUGHABLY BAD WRITING in the last couple of chapters, but it's only a few phrases here and there.)

That said, I found THIS via Slate... it pretty much encapsulates all my own ideas and theories, is worthwhile reading for fans, and is full of spoilers for anyone who hasn't yet read the book. Rather than typing up my own opinions, I'm sending interested parties that way. Tell me what you think.
I'll talk about the actual EVENING later. For now,

hardcore Harry Potter SPOILER ACTION )
It's Cognitive Dissonance Day!
Seriously... do I go to the Harry Potter party, and surround myself with a teeming mass of Columbus's smaller residents so that I can pick up my book at midnight, or do I go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Or do I try to somehow fit in both? I've been waiting for both of these patiently since I heard they were coming out, but I only realized a few weeks ago that they were coming out on the same day. Guh!

(Yeah, I'll be 30 next year. Why do you ask?)

Nothing much going on here the last few days. I cook, I clean. I've packed up a bunch of books - this is difficult when you're trying to keep them separated out by subject. All my writing reference has to stay in one place too, and it is categorically broad, though largely historical or linguistic. (With the occasional book on alchemy or robotics, and a few feminist books on "loose women.") It's about 3 small boxes (12x12x18"-ish) when it's packed, if I'm very selective about what I call reference. I also packed up much of the fiction I bought in the last 2 years, including Their Eyes Were Watching God, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Drinking Coffee Elsewhere, Everything is Illuminated, The Devil in the White City (not fiction), and a partridge in a pear tree. All the books on becoming more organized (I'm not, though I have succeeded at organizing the books about organization) are going in a box with all the books on home decorating... that way they will all be in one place in the new place, when I want them.

Excitement. But what else am I going to say? Tom and I tried to go read and work at a particular coffeehouse the other day, but the parking lot was full, so we ended up reading and working at a chain coffeehouse up the road from our intended target. *sigh* I keep forgetting to return things to the library that need to go there - by which I mean, I take a bunch of things back on or before the day they're due, but I forget one or two things that were due that day - as a result, I will be spending some time ironing that out this afternoon. It's really not that interesting. (I still believe that *I* am interesting, to be around, more or less, but my goodness do my activities NOT live up to it.)



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