I have come to a conclusion, and I'm really quite certain about it:

They put addictive drugs in General Foods International Coffees.

I mean. It's not even really coffee. It's not even really food!

But Hazelnut Belgian Cafe. I crave it. Not nice!

(Dark Mayan Chocolate is pretty good too. It's hard to get an idea of the flavors of a lot of the different varieties, actually, unless you look around. Cafe Fran├žais used to be called Cafe au Lait, Cafe Vienna has a light cinnamon flavor, Suisse Mocha and French Vanilla Cafe make it easier, and Italian Cappuccino is just plain instant cappuccino, while its predecessor, Orange Cappuccino, is... duh. I'd like to try the Chai Latte.)
Besame Cosmetics, which makes a line of retro/1940s-style makeup, has a sampling service. You can try any product for $1.50 and the shipping is nominal. You receive enough product for about three applications in a tiny jar, which will certainly let you know whether or not you like the color. Check out the rest of Besame's site to see the neat packaging - definitely rivals some of Benefit's cooler stuff, for example. (via MightyGoods.)

(I used to love to buy powder from another retro line called Body and Soul, because every compact has a metal insert with an illustration of a girl who looks like a mermaid... however, it's become hard to find in stores and a little ouside of my current budget.)

Over at Shelterrific, they're discussing the "perfect" recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Looks good to me. I have been wanting to make chocolate-chip cookies lately, but I never have any butter in the house... normally we use Smart Balance spread, which doesn't come in sticks.



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