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Does anyone know of good Firefox extensions that back up your bookmarks?

Possibly even ones that convert them to Favorites format? (In the same extension. I had a separate extension for this, was unable to use it correctly, and once lost all my bookmarks.) Even better if it has a stand-alone area that allows you to organize bookmarks quickly - the Firefox bookmarks manager is a little clunky for my taste.

It needs to work with older versions of Firefox. Anything that only works with the newest releases will defeat the purpose. I'm trying to back up my bookmarks before I update Firefox. The last time I updated, it wasn't supposed to erase my bookmarks, but it did anyway.

I swear, that's the one thing I hate about Firefox. MSIE Favorites are much, much, much more reliable. I've never had them overwritten; it would take a catastrophic hard drive failure to kill them off. Firefox bookmarks are somewhat touchier. The one thing I have never managed to do successfully with this browser is back up my bookmarks - even when I've used extensions that were supposed to do just that.

I do try to keep up with, but I bookmark much more than I feel like posting there. (Strongly considering using GBrain in the future, although it may not be the best idea on dial-up, or the best thing for security purposes in an anti-Orwellian sense....) So, I know I could handle my bookmarks off of my machine, but I'd rather handle them on it for the time being.

ETA: I am using Firefox 1.0.6 on this computer.
I have a newer version on the computer upstairs, but the experience of installing it and losing all my bookmarks was so annoying that I never updated the version on this computer. I want to update now because I want to be able to use the DownThemAll extension, but the version of Firefox that I'm using is too old. In general, though, I need to update the bookmarks anyway.

ETA2: Solved this one on my own.
There are at least two ways to go about this. One is that you can go to the Bookmarks menu and open the "Bookmark Manager", then select File->Export when it opens, and save all your bookmarks as a single HTML file.
The other is to download and use MozBackup, which will save your whole profile, not just your bookmarks.



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