So, it seems that Pierre Hardy (he's the jewelry director for Hermes! He's the shoe designer for Balenciaga! he has little name recognition in the US!) has done a line of shoes for The Gap, which they have advertised poorly. 

I went to check it out -- because honestly, what else am I going to do when I'm supposed to be "working"* -- and I quite like these mary janes. Other people might prefer some three-strap wooden platform shoes. $98 isn't that expensive for shoes, especially non-plastic shoes, but it's more than I want to spend right now. (Also, those maryjanes are materially similar to shoes I have that I got almost 8 years ago at Banana Republic for about the same price; they're also similar to stuff that Payless has been selling for $20 since Summer, 2007.)

No, the thing I want to order is this: Scherenschnitte skirt, in red. I will wear it with big clunky red high-heeled mary janes (they are almost cartoonish) and red-and-white striped tights (might as well run with that cartoonishness). Not sure what to wear on top. White tees don't look good on me, so I'd have to find a red shirt that was flattering. Or maybe pink?

(Potentially acceptable substitutes: Favorite Things in red -- yes, she also sells a jacket, but the largest size cannot contain my buxomity; Schwarzwalder in green -- gnomes!; Anchors Away in indigo/red.)

Oh, yes, and all that snow? Only about half-melted today. It's in the low 40s F.

*I'm kidding; I'm totally working. As long as I'm here until later this afternoon, monitoring things, I'm doing my job. Thus far the internets have not ex-or-im-ploded on my watch.
I neglected to mention that my "bad haircut" from the other day - when I cut my bangs/fringe "too short" - actually turned out to be just right, and is the cutest my hair has looked in, like, months.

Apparently I need to keep them short, rather than letting them get long and brushing them to the side.
I exchanged the odd-looking-but-nicely-pocketed purse for the one everyone liked, the three-pocket tote, but I'm still not sure about it. It's too big to carry as a daily purse, but as a tote bag, it's pretty small. The sort of thing that's useful when you're working but may be too big to carry the rest of the time.

If you have a Meijer in your area, they have some really neat juniors purses by Relic (which I think is their answer to Fossil). Some are very loud pocketbooks in one of several multicolor satin prints (red & blue theme, pink theme, black and white theme), with kisslocks and dangling charms, very fashiony. Others are lenticular grids; there's a pinkish punk/rock/guitar design, a blue hawaiian surf design, and a really neat vintage pulp "love" design in black and white. Lenticular, if you don't know, is WINKY-VISION! So when you move these little bags their pictures change. On clearance for $10, lots of fun. I'm not buying one of these but you might like to.
Last couple of days have been just OK... good times have been had, but I'm just so fatigued that I'm having problems enjoying them as much as I'd like.

Last night, my mom took me out to a relatively fancy Mexican restaurant. They'd sent us several $10 discount coupons a few months back, and we still had one left. The food was good, but no better than another place we normally go, which gives you more food for less money.

I came home and finished my very enjoyable re-read of Howl's Moving Castle, the first time I'd read it all the way through since 1988.

Then I went about the business of washing my white LAMB purse, which has a violently pink lining that I was sure was going to bleed into the white. It mostly behaved itself, but despite several soakings in several detergents, I was unable to get the purse completely clean, and I decided to stop pushing my luck. I was surprised that the only thing that did run was the strap - one side is black, one side is white, and the black side bled a little. This may have been partly because I used OxyClean to really remove the dinge from the white side. Don't carry a white purse through late winter and half of spring, whether it has cute medieval illustrations of sheep on it or not.

Today I continued to be terribly fatigued, and ended up spending half the afternoon writing an email to Maud about books I'd suggest for her 12-year-old stepdaughter who likes Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket, and Roald Dahl, but has so far disdained Sherlock Holmes, Old Yeller, and Anne Frank. I recommended the aforementioned Howl's, which is somewhat different from the movie, and also listed off a bunch of books I loved at that age and books that are similar to those books. Heavy on quasi-feminist fantasy in a Girls Who Save The Day sort of way.

Then Tom picked me up after work and took me to the library, where I totally blew stuff up! No, I sat around reading about how Kathleen Battle sabotaged her own opera career, because I've noticed that her star dwindled like crazy in the mid-90s after she was fired from the Met. Beverly Sills - always known for her niceness - said she thought Battle's difficult behavior was caused by anxiety. I can see that as a reason for SOME of what went on, but not ALL of it. Anyway, after the library, we went out for ice cream and stopped at the Korean store so that I could buy more Lucky Star paper. Now I'm home, making stars and watching TV.

I wish I liked the show Empire (which is really a miniseries), but I don't; I find it disappointing so far. Holding out greater hope for HBO's ROME when it appears next month.
OK, there is a style of bag that is really trendy right now. It's sort of like a net shopping bag, but the thread pattern is closer together, and it's fabric-lined. There are either sequins or paillettes crocheted into the net outer layer of the bag. I've seen these with large sequins, small paillettes on strings with beads, and large paillettes. Each style is slightly different. The shape is sort of like a "hobo" tote (the kind where the sides of the bag come up to form the handle).

But I'm looking for a particular one. It is done in dark grey thread and fabric, with sequins (not paillettes). The sequins are iridescent. The joke we have about it is "somebody skinned a mermaid!" But seriously, I can't find which store sells this particular style; I've already checked Nordstrom, Target, Forever XXI, The Gap, and Wet Seal. If you know what I'm talking about and have seen one in this particular style (grey with iridescent sequins) please let me know where! Thanks!



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